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We pride ourselves on being more than just another pet store, we’re a team that helps unite lovable furry friends with their new best friends. That’s why we give a percentage of every sale to charities and shelters who take on the priceless work of helping and rehoming animals who want nothing more than a happy life with a loving owner. As animal lovers ourselves we see it as the least we can do.


Every time you treat your pets to a new bone or some wholesale dog food you can sleep easy knowing that you’re also helping an animal in need.


With that in mind, all you need to do to make an animal’s life better is to shop our comprehensive range of dog and cat care products and choose whatever you like with the click of a button. Once you do that we’ll dispatch your shopping basket directly to your front door, and the shelters will continue their amazing work. Perfect for ensuring that every animal has everything they need to live the long and happy life they deserve.

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