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We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our online store for our fluffy felines and lovable pooches – The Pet Room. As you read further, you’ll discover what this initiative is all about and what all we have in store for your pets. We bet your pets will love you even more for loving us!

We Understand Your Pets Mean the World to You

While we reckon the importance of your pets in your lives, we created the Pet Room simply because we wanted to do it. If you think we’re just another online store with fancy pet accessories, you’re absolutely wrong. Along with providing superior-quality pet accessories, our team of volunteers go beyond the call of duty to unite homeless dogs and cats with their human pals. Our love for animals is endless and there could have been no better way to showcase it than launching the Pet Room.

Help a Homeless Animal in Need While You Pamper Your Pet

If you’re still not convinced that we are different from the rest, we have something more to tell you. 

You’ll be delighted to know that a percentage of every sale on our website goes to animal shelters and charities who work towards grooming homeless animals and providing them love and care. We’re not boasting about what we do, we’re just proud of it, and we know for a fact that you too will be.

Every time you pamper a pet with a new snack or toy, you’ll be satisfied that you’re helping an animal in need.

Buy Superior-Quality Pet Products at Best Prices

No compromise on the brand or the product quality – all pet products available in your online pet shop are handpicked and tested for quality control.

Whether you’re looking for interesting pet accessories to give your pets a stylish look or pet apparel to get them ready for a pool party, we have everything that you’ll ever need for your pets. Did you know – you can now buy a Bluetooth enabled leash for your dog?

Other categories that you can explore are pet entertainment, pet beds, and pet containment, and pet tech products. Also, you can rest assured that all products are fairly priced and affordable. Your order will be dispatched the very same day you place it.

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By now you must have noticed that there’s one category that is missing – pet food. Well, don’t worry. The popular pet food category is coming soon! We’re working with some of the best organic pet food suppliers to bring you healthy food for your pets. 


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Prepare Yourself for the Next Big Viral Sweepstake


Yes, you’ve read it right. We’re all geared to launch the “Viral Sweepstake.” Wondering where the “Viral” came from, keep reading to know more.

Viral Sweepstake – It’s Getting More Exciting

By Viral Sweepstake, we mean that to win rewards or become a lucky winner, you’ll have to share the contest with your network (family and friends) and request them to sign up with us using your unique link or referral link. The more sign ups you’re able to collect, the more points you’ll win. And, let us tell you that the fun part is coming next.

There will also be a “Rush Hour” two-three times a day where you’ll get double, triple or even quadruple points for each sign up. The Rush Hours will last for two-three hours. So, hurry up and connect with Woofy – our Facebook Messenger Chatbot where you will receive all the contest updates.

The Sweepstake Prize

The lucky winner will win products worth $400 and will get a chance to pick products from all categories ranging from apparel to tech.


Become a Part of The Pet Room Initiatives

You can also engage with us on a personal level by taking part in your initiative – Help a Pet and Adopt a Pet.

In the “Help a Pet” program you will get an opportunity to work with animal shelters and support them financially or by becoming a volunteer. On the other hand, in the “Adopt a Pet” program you will get an opportunity to give homeless dogs, cats, and other pets a new life by connecting them with people who want to adopt them. By becoming a part of this initiative, you will ensure that the innocent animals have everything they need to live a quality life.

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