About Us

What We Believe...

At The Pet Room we do what we do because we love to, not because we have to. With so many lovable dogs out there in need of a home we decided to set up an online store with a difference. As well as giving pooches from far and wide the dog food and water bowls they need to live a long and happy life, we want to do our bit to unite lovable dogs with caring owners. That’s why we’re fully committed to giving a percentage of our profits to charities and shelters that help man’s best friend find his new best friend. Don’t worry if you’re more of a cat person than a dog person; we have four legged critters of the feline variety covered too with our luxury pet beds.


Our Promise to You

When you shop with us we promise that you’ll have an experience like no other. We’ve been in the business a long time which means not only do we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to online shopping, we also have the specialist knowledge you won’t find from any other pet store. Whether you want to shop for a dog training mat, get healthy food from the pet food companies at industry leading prices, or ask an expert we’re all ears. Perfect for making shopping as easy as clicking a button.

What To Expect From Us

Premium Pet Room Products

We stock nothing but the best because when it comes to your four legged friend only the best will do. There are no supermarket value brand substitutes here when it comes to cat care products; just premium quality products at everyday prices that come straight to your door with the click of a button. Perfect for making sure you have all the dog and cat things

you need to keep your pets happy for years to come.

Instant Dispatch

Our unique delivery and fulfillment network allows us to dispatch every order same day. This ensures that your furry friend is never left waiting for their juicy new bone or comfortable new bed. Ideal for putting a smile on their face the moment you click the button.

Customer Service That Cares

Every member of our team loves what they do and has a passion for going above and beyond to exceed your expectations. They never treat you as ‘just another customer’; instead they picture the lovable four legged critter who’s waiting excitedly for their new basket to arrive. It’s an approach that we’re proud of, and it’s an approach that works which is why we’re not just another dog or cat shop online!